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superior client service

The requirements and satisfaction of the customer serve as our guiding principles. We are aware that providing excellent customer service is not a commodity, but rather a top priority and a disciplined art that we have mastered. However, until your project is finished, we keep you updated at every stage. Before the client receives the finished job, our inspection team verifies that it adheres to our accepted criteria. For the purpose of providing our after-sales support, we keep all reports on file.

Free offices, as well as on-site technical assistance

We have the knowledge and experience to provide free technical advice on the complete roof, including the design and roof profile is at no cost to the client. Any inquiries about pre- or post-roofing difficulties can be addressed by our committed team at any time.

Exact estimation process

When the need arises, our skilled estimators are always available to take measurement on your roof. By lowering excessive waste on site and in your bill, we can give you a very competitive pricing. At every point in your project, we also give you estimates. 

Immediate delivery

Within five working days of the order being confirmed, Adepaye will deliver promptly to meet your project’s deadline. Depending on the urgency of the project, Adepaye Roofing Sheet Limited is now the only roofing firm in Ghana that can deliver a customer’s order one day after complete payment, making us the top choice for contractors and building engineers with deadlines to meet.

Customer Feedback and After-Sales Service Model

We appreciate both your praise and criticism. However, after filing a complaint with the complaints department, we respond to it within a day. Following up on finished projects, we speak with the clients to gauge their level of satisfaction and make adjustments to our offerings. With our clients, we cultivate enduring relationships.

Collection of rainwater

In the majority of Ghana, water has grown increasingly scarce. Rainwater collection has become a crucial part of every construction project as a result of this, well-designed rain gutters are available from Adepaye roofing sheet Limited and may be mounted on both new and old roofs. Your building will stand out from the surrounding structures. To make it simple to collect the rainwater, spouts are installed throughout to make rainwater collection and storage easy.